DIY Envelope Laser Level

DIY Envelope Laser Level

When you're first starting out with hand lettering and calligraphy, writing on envelopes seems all fine and easy at first. But then you realize that you have to line up each line directly in the middle of the envelope. And then you have to line up each line with the other lines. And so the right side of your brain tells you to measure each part of the envelope and make pencil marks at each spot. Soon, before you know it, you have a ton of pencil marks to erase that probably don't erase all the way. There's got to be an easier way!

And there is. There used to be a large envelope laser level on the market that every calligraphy had, and it basically lined up your envelope using a laser, so that you could minimize pencil marks. So innovative! But by the time I was writing addresses on envelopes, I couldn't find it anywhere. The company went out of business!

But I didn't give up there. I figured out a way to make my own envelope laser level. And I'm sharing my knowledge with you today on how to make your own for less than $20!


Clipboard with Rubber Clip
Paint Pen / Sharpie
Rug Pad
Laser Level

    I linked the exact clipboard and laser level that I purchased, although you can use any brand that performs the same function. You just need to make sure that your clipboard has rubber on the clip, or you'll end up with a gross line indent along the top of your envelope.


    Now, you'll need to measure. Honestly, you can add whatever measurements along the side that you want; it all depends on how big you normally write your addresses. I personally added a tick mark along both vertical sides, for every millimeter. Because I know that when I letter my addresses, they're normally 2 millimeters high. Then, I leave 1 millimeter in between each address line.

    You'll probably notice too that there's white paint along the sides of my clipboard. That's to cover up the first time I messed up the lines and made them too far apart. Which is totally fine. That's what paint is for! Just paint over it, and try again.

    One of my personal struggles with envelope calligraphy is lining up the address horizontally in the middle of the envelope. So I added another vertical line up the middle of the clipboard. That way, I can tell where the middle of the envelope is when I write the bottom line, and then I can line up the other lines of the address from there!

    Rug Pad

    Now I'm sure you saw "rug pad" in the supplies earlier, and thought "Ummm what?" Trust me, I have a good reason! When you're lettering on a surface, it can move and slide all over the place, and the whole point of the laser level is to stay on the surface while you letter. So if you adhere a strip of rug pad to the back of your clipboard (you can probably super glue, but I just used a roll of Scotch tape), it prevents your clipboard from slipping!

    Now, you should place your laser on the opposite side of which you write (I write with my left hand, so I place the laser on the right side of the clipboard), and you should be able to line up the same measurement on both sides of the clipboard, forming a perfect horizontal line across your envelope.

    Talk about a GAME CHANGER!

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