Inspirational Décor as Self Care

Inspirational Décor as Self Care

Everyone interprets "self care" in their own way. From soaking in a bubble bath to taking a break from social media to jogging outside, each person has something (or in my case, multiple things) that helps distract them from the thoughts circling in their head. I personally have curated a list of things to do when my anxiety peaks, one of those being "Make a list of things you like about yourself." My mirror is littered with different sticky notes that help remind me of the good thoughts that overcome the bad.

Besides the sticky notes, whenever I find an inspirational quote that resonates personally with me, I make it into a piece of décor that I can use in my home. Getting reminders in the middle of the day when I walk into the kitchen for a snack or when I sit on the couch to binge some Netflix, can sometimes makes all the difference in my mental health.

Yes, I'm well aware there is a "cheesy" stigma with inspirational quotes ("live laugh love", am I right?). But don't knock it til you try it! Find quotes or lyrics or poems that really speak to your soul and bring you joy.

That's honestly the reason behind most of the prints in my shop. Because rounding a corner and seeing "You're Doing Great Sweetie" on the wall may just give someone some peace in that moment.

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