My Favorite Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

My Favorite Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

Last year was when I really started to appreciate podcasts. Not the comedy or murder-obsessed (why is this a thing?) podcasts... but the BUSINESS podcasts. The ones where I feel like the hosts are talking directly to me. And giving me exactly the information that I need for my creative-based business. Email marketing... Pricing... Branding... Even how to keep yourself sane while staring down that long to-do list.

These ladies are here to make sure that you have all of the tools you need to nurture and grow your dream business. (Side note: None of them have paid me or asked me to post this. I truly believe they all offer some unique insight and I can't go a week without listening to any of them!)


Biz Bash Podcast

Hosted by ElisaAnne and Cami Monet

The Modern Creative Podcast

Hosted by Chasing Linen and Write Pretty Things

Goal Digger The Podcast

Hosted by Jenna Kutcher

Boss Girl Creative

Hosted by Taylor Bradford


Click on any of these podcasts to learn learn LEARN. Listening to these podcasts is what really kicked my butt into gear last year and also what finally made me start to take my business seriously.

Chime in below if you have a favorite podcast for creative entrepreneurs that I might have missed!

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