Hi, I'm Catie!

A bit about me—I live a simple life in Memphis, Tennessee with my two cats. During my free time, you can usually find me on the couch cuddling with Tucker and Dom and binge watching The Office. I am mostly known for my love of Chipotle and sleep. (Any day I can sleep in or take a nap is a good day!) When I’m not busy working on new client projects and dreaming up new products, you can catch me at karaoke night with a glass of Moscato. 

I love pretty things, especially pretty WORDS! I don't just mean the cursive, calligraphy kind. I've always loved poems and lyrics (especially lyrics—I was a choir kid). Once I discovered calligraphy as a hobby and created words in a whole new way... I couldn't stop!  Fast forward to today: I create hand lettered designs for all the things: from wedding signs to addresses on envelopes to your favorite coffee mug in the morning.

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