Hi, I'm Catie!

I love pretty things...

Three Things You Might Not Know About Me

I love musicals! My favorite musical is Wicked (I’ve seen it 3 times), and I can recite every word to La Vie Boheme from the musical Rent. (If you’ve ever seen Rent, you should be impressed.)

I am an extroverted introvert (an ISFJ and a 6w7 enneagram, for those of you who care about that like I do!).

Bellascript Designs is actually a play on a family nickname, Catie Bell! When I was younger, my parents brought us to see some extended family down in the deep South. My dad soon realized that every girl had a double name, and he wanted me to have a double name too. So from that day forward, I was Catie Bell. Now, my dad only calls me “Bell"!

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