A-Z Vendor Directory

Have you ever found yourself researching vendors for HOURS, trying to make sure you pick the right one? GIRL, THAT WAS ME. Decision fatigue is REAL. Especially when you're a creative and making all of these decisions by yourself.

Built in the form of a yearly membership, the A-Z Directory is your one-stop-shop to every supplier you need, from wedding invitation printers and drop-shippers to custom coasters, mugs, napkins, greeting cards, and more.

And if that isn't sweet enough to seal the deal... you are given access to a private Facebook group where any and ALL vendor questions are answered by other biz babes who are there in the trenches with you. I can't rave enough about this amazing service!

Click the link below and use code “BELLASCRIPTDESIGNS” to get $20 off your first year!

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If you don’t know the first thing about how to format an aesthetically pleasing email for your subscribers, Flodesk is for you.

Not only does it come with dozens of beautiful templates to choose from, you can tweak them with your own fonts/colors to really make it your own! A few other things I love about Flodesk: Your monthly fee stays the same, no matter how many subscribers you have, you can segment your subscribers based on the different facets of your business, and you can create opt ins with ease and effortlessly plug them into your website.

Click the link below to get 50% off your Flodesk subscription! (every month, not just the first one)

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The Contract Shop

Most of us are having too much fun creating that we sweep the legal side of our businesses under the rug. I used to be terrified to offer services to my clients, because I knew how clueless I was about writing contracts. And I did not have the time or budget to hire an attorney to write one for me.

Sleep better at night knowing your business is protected with an iron-clad, attorney-prepared contract at The Contract Shop.

I wholeheartedly recommend investing in an agreement template from The Contract Shop, which is super easy to customize to your business - you’ll be sending out new contracts within 10 minutes!

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If you are an entrepreneur looking for the best way to keep yourself and your clients totally organized during their projects, there’s honestly no better way to do it than through the use of Dubsado, a full on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that truly takes a project from start to finish… all in one place.

I manage my business alone, so I need my systems to balance as many useful features as possible. I also need it to be easy to set up, easy to use, and affordable. From invoicing, signing contracts, scheduling appointments, Dubsado is built to save you time, impress clients, and grow your business.

Click the link below to get 20% off your first month or year!

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